Cowboys Lose, Greg Hardy As Advertised


That sucked but it wasn’t unexpected. We didn’t stand a chance against the Pats. Our offense is a really talented scout team at this point. It doesn’t look like it will be getting any better either. Not being able to pass is bad and I don’t think Garrett is going to do anything to change that. He’s in, full on, survive until Romo gets back mode.

Our defense was a bright spot though. We gave the Pats everything they wanted in the first half. Brady watched most of that first half from the flat of his back. And holy shit, Greg Hardy is really good at football. He is what we thought he was. A big, nasty, mother fucker who can rush the shit out of the passer. He might have hit Brady harder then he’s ever been hit. Not to mention, Rolando McClain didn’t miss a beat either. Our front seven could be scary good, if they ever get a chance to catch their breathe. But with the aged wonder heading up the offense and no receivers to speak of, its unlikely they’ll get that chance.

There aren’t any answers. Our offense will continue to be bad until Romo and Dez get back. We don’t have anybody capable of picking up the slack and I don’t expect that will change. It sucks but it is what it is.


Hey Toronto, Now You Can’t Leave


That’s just good old fashioned, grind it out, Rangers baseball. Toronto cries the whole game about strikes and we calmly adjust. Donaldson’s trying to pick on a 22 year old because apparently regular season MVP’s get frustrated in the playoffs. Did the rookie get in your head? I’ll tell him not to be so mean to regular season MVP’s. You’ve earned it.

Poor Joey Bats,  be more frustrated, you can’t. All the HGH in the world won’t help you win this one. Bring em back to Arlington. I want KC. I want Houston. I WANT HOLYFIELD.

Live Look At Toronto In Arlington:


Let’s Not Panic But Maybe Panic Just A Little Bit.

Well. Did the second half go like you thought it was going to go? It did not. I’m not even sure where to start. I’m still in shock. My feelings are all over the place. So many questions with so few answers.

Weeden: Brandon Weeden played the most Brandon Weeden like game of his careeer. Part of this you can chock-up to play calling and the game plane. It was patently obvious they weren’t, under any circumstances, going to allow Weeden to air the ball out. And that worked for a half. But if we want to survive until Romo is back, he’s going to have to throw the ball down the field.

Terrance Williams: You have to throw him the ball. This is an absolute truth. If you want our passing game to seem even remotely legitimate, you have to find a way to put the ball in this man’s hands. That opens up Cole Beasley to do what the does and for our guys out of the backfield to do what they do. Cole Beasley will never strike fear into a defense on his own. He’s at his best when he flies under the radar. For lack of a better comparison, see Wes Welker or Danny Amendola.

Defense: I’m unsure if any defense in the league can cover Julio Jones. You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him. Which we did not do in the second half. Our guys were gassed and they exploited it. Offense has got to stay on the field longer. There is no way around it. When does Hardy get back? Soon? Excellent.

Generally, there is no need to panic. But a little panic might go a long way. We aren’t going to be able to grind out these games until Romo and Dez are back. We have to find a way to pass and to win without them. Our running game is strong but even they can’t play againsnt 9 in the box every down. If defense are going to show zero respect for our ability to pass and we don’t find a way to make them pay for that, all the late season Romo heroics in the world won’t make us a playoff team.

It’s time to gameplan agressively. Not ride it out till until the calvary arrives. By the time they do, our season will look like the Little Big Horn. No survivors.

Clippers Fined For Offering DeAndre Jordan Third Party Investment Opportunities


(Source) There are times it’s clear that Steve Ballmer, though unquestionably passionate, still is on the NBA owner learning curve. There have been a few stumbles, to put it kindly.

The latest: Apparently offering DeAndre Jordan a $200,000 a year Lexus endorsement if he re-signed with the Clippers. A day after that, Jordan said he would sign with Dallas. Four days later he started to change his mind and shifted back to the Clippers, and while that likely had nothing to do with the Lexus deal, it still earned Ballmer and the Clippers a $250,000 fine.

Well, would you look at that. I guess it doesn’t land you all star centers when you’re a beacon of ethics like Mark Cuban. Nope, you’ve gotta get down and play in the mud if you want to keep up. What’d you offer him Ballmer? Stock? Were you going to let him be a VP at Microsoft? You offered him Microsoft, didn’t you?

Wait, it was 200k a year for a Lexus endorsement? DeAndre, you got screwed. You should have told Cuban and he would have probably given you CyberDust. Just signed the rights over at that very moment.

Ballmer, you double dealing asshole. Sure it’s cute when you dance around and get all excited for basketball but don’t think I don’t see right through you. You pretend to be this lovable goof when really your just a diabolical mastermind working to do destroy the integrity of sports as we know it. I’ll be watching you Ballmer, You may have everyone else fooled, but I’m not buying it. You’re going to have to get up a lot earlier if you want to sneak one past me

Also, this isn’t the NCAA, you can’t just go around making under the table deals with superstars. You make them over the table because you don’t have to hide it anymore. I thought that was the point? Rookie mistake Ballmer.

Only a madman, hell bent on destroying society as we know it, claps like this:

Here’s What Orlando Scandrick Going Down Means


Round up the wagons and shoot the dogs because we lost Scandrick.

Well honestly, it’s not that bad but still pretty fucking bad at the same time. Next man up is Claiborne with Patmon jumping into the slot and Byron Jones backing everyone up. Thing is, you can’t trust Claiborne. We’ve never been able to. Some games he’s flat out brilliant and plays some of the best corner in the League that day. Other days hes completely lost like he’s never played the game and somebody just put him in pads and shoved him out there. Byron Jones is going to have to grow up quick because he’s suddenly looking at a lot more playing time, especially if any one else goes down. People need to stop with this junk about going out and picking up a free agent. There isn’t one out there right now who’s better than the guys we have. Depth isn’t an issue at this point.

Now, our first four games are going to be rough. We are missing a starter at every level of our defense. That is not a good thing when you’ve got the complicated Eagles offense and pass happy Giants. It’s going to be a long four games till Hardy and McClain get back. Guys are going to have to step up, plain and simple.

Orlando Scandrick Tore His ACL/MCL

Well, fuck me sideways. Byron Jones better get good in a hurry. Break down coming tomorrow but honestly, this couldn’t have happened at a worse position for us. Sucks for Scandrick. Sucks for the Cowboys. Sucks for everyone except for Philadelphia and the Giants.

Cheap Shots Were The Name Of The Game At Cowboys-Rams Joint Practice

I’m all for these scuffles. The guys should be going nuts. That’s how you know they care. So good effort, if not a little cheap on a few unnamed RAMS players parts. Overall though, 5/10. Just a bunch of cheap shots. Going to have to get up a lot earlier to impress me with a preseason scuffle.

Also, come on Jeff. Act like you’ve seen a fight before. You’re really setting the bar high for toughness this year.

I Wouldn’t Buy This House But I Applaud The Honesty


(Source) A front-yard sign calling a neighbor a “douchebag” may not be the best way to change the neighbor’s behavior.
But for one frustrated Farmers Branch family, it’s at least getting a lot of attention.

James and Lisa Price — who have a sign in their yard that says “‘House for sale by owner because my neighbor’s a douchebag” — have appeared on Dallas TV and now say they’re getting calls from New York news outlets.
The sign went up Aug. 7, after months of tension between the Prices and their nextdoor neighbors culminated in the Prices getting a $121 ticket from the city over their dogs, James Price said Friday.

Shortly after a retired couple moved into the rental house next door about two years ago, Price said the wife came over “a few times” to ask that the Prices keep their four dogs inside the house until 9 a.m. because the retirees liked to sleep late.
“We’re trying to keep them in until 8,” Price said. “I think the city ordinance says 7.”

One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, the dogs “were going nuts” about something outside, and not long after that the Prices got the ticket from animal control officials. They’ve not paid it yet and have a court date for Thursday, Price said.

They also object to security cameras they say are trained on their yard and house, he said.
Since the Prices’ yard sign went up, local police and a city council member have come by to ask them to take it down. But the sign is not illegal, and James Price said he and his wife are waiting on the neighbors to make a move.

“He just needs to back off a little bit about the dogs,” Price said of the man next door. “He’s being ridiculous. Now I’d like him to pay my $121 fine. All he had to do was come over (to talk to us), but he chose not to do that.”

Sucks when your neighbors suck. There is nothing worse than petty bullshit city ordinance tickets. Especially when your neighbor calls the cops on you. But hats off to the Prices. This should be a rule in real estate. You should have to give a sworn statement on whether the neighbors are cool or not. Shitty neighbors are the worst.

Dutch Newspaper Goes Hard In The Paint: Drops A Hard N-Word In A Headline


(Source)  On July 31, the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad published a review of several books on race and racism in the United States. The series, written by the paper’s Washington correspondent Guus Valk, leads with a review of Atlantic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates’s latest book, “Between the World And Me.” Somewhere along the editorial process, the editors thought it would be a good idea to headline the article, “Nigger, Are You Crazy?”

If the headline weren’t appalling enough, the article compounded the offensiveness factor with its accompanying blackface figures:

Bold strategy, Cotton. Either the Dutch don’t know about American Twitter or they don’t care but people are not happy. This WaPo writer certainly isn’t. I won’t attempt to talk about whether or not Americans should apply our version of racism on other countries because that’s a silly debate and I don’t know shit about the Dutch. I will say though, this Dutch editor gave the biggest “Fuck you but here’s my half assed apology” I’ve ever seen. The sheer contempt is a sight to behold.

“The drawings are a literal illustrations of ‘stereotype’ and ‘white’ aggression, the above mentioned books are dealing with. They are ugly, unkind, and offensive – and they are meant to be, because they cover the content of the reviewed books. Of course, they were not intended to offend. Actually, it is rather stupid to think so.”

I don’t speak Dutch but I’ll try to interpret, “Dooooooon’t caaaare.” He continues:

“Yes, it was a conscious decision to depict the situation with the use of stereotypical blackface portraits. Like I said: the illustrations are offensive, because the racial situation in the US, as described in the reviewed books, is offensive. Note that ‘whiteness’ in these illustrations is depicted as someone with a gun. I wouldn’t call it irony: it’s cynicism. And it was meant to be cynical.”

Rough translation: “It’s offensive because American racism is offensive. It’s not our fault you suck.”

This guy has zero time for your outrage and would politely like you to take your American opinion and shove it up your ass. Which is sort of dickish given the Dutch involvement in the slave trade but I’ll be damned if I don’t give him credit for his spirit. That being said, “There are two things I can’t stand in this world, people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the Dutch.”

Some Take Aways From The Cowboys First Preseason Game


Yes , I know it’s early. This isn’t going to be a list of hot takes. The Boys aren’t doomed yet nor do they desperately need to go out and get a player. Just some general observations.

Running game: I liked what I saw from Gus Johnson. He ran hard and saw the holes well. When the holes were there. Our o-line looked out of sync on running plays. When they were clicking, they dominated. Granted, the ones were only in there for a couple series. Either way, if Gus Johnson continues to put in effort like that, he should at least be on the practice team.

Randy Gregory: This guy can absolutely FLY off the ball. H’es half way up the field a soon as the ball is snapped. Unfortunately, all he has is the speed rush and everybody knows it. He’s raw and he’s not strong enough. His inside moves were clumsy and ended with him getting locked up immediately. The Chargers left tackle had no respect for anything except the speed rush. Gregory needs to get stronger and better technically. If he does that, he’s going to be an absolute monster.

Byron Jones: He got a lot of snaps and made the most of them. He led the team in tackles and is not afraid to hit from the corner posistion, which is something we’ve been missing. He’ll see playing time this year and could eventually start. I still think he’s more of a safety but I wouldn’t hesitate playing him at corner, preferably on a number two receiver.

And that’s it. Not too much we can figure out until game 3 or 4 and even then it’s minimal. Football’s back and nobody cares about deflated footballs anymore. It’s a glorious day.

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