Coach Taylor Doing A PSA Takes You Into The Weekend

Coach Taylor doing a PSA for turning off your cellphones is still top 5 most inspiring speeches. Make Coach Taylor proud this weekend.

Clear Eye’s, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

TCU Bro On Probation And Banned From Campus Activities For Racist Tweets After Girl Urges People To Contact School


(Source) A Twitter fight with a Maryland woman has gotten a TCU student placed on probation and banned from most campus activities at a place he considered his new home.

The family of Harry Vincent, 19, and an advocacy group are trying to pressure TCU to respect students’ free speech rights, abide by its disciplinary procedures and reverse its punishment of Vincent.

The penalties were the result of a handful of Tweets, including ones slamming Islam, using a derogatory term for Mexicans and saying “hoodrat criminals” in Baltimore should be shipped to the Sahara Desert in Africa. Vincent, who is unsure if he’ll return to TCU, said he wasn’t referring to race in those Tweets.

Scott Vincent, the student’s father, said this could have been a teaching moment for the school and his son. Instead, Vincent is being pushed out of a place where he felt at home.

“It seems more like policing than educating,” Scott Vincent said.

TCU officials said little about this case, other than pointing to the Code of Student Conduct. Those who do not “live up to these values” and violate the code can face suspension or expulsion, said Holly Ellman, a university spokeswoman.







What this kid said was fucking moronic. That should go without saying. But this Twitter police bullshit needs to stop. People combing through post histories years back to try and get somebody fired is the lamest bullshit. Self righteous idiots like this girl trying to have everyone lose there jobs or be kicked out of school because they said something you don’t like are the worst. Do I like what he said? No, its the pinnacle of stupidity. But that doesn’t mean he needs his future potentially ruined. Because that is the only thing this will accomplish. Do you think this will make him think “hey, maybe I shouldn’t be a racist” or do you think it will reinforce those views? Congratulations, you’ve solved racism in America!

Both the people in this situation suck. Granted, they’re only 19 but they still suck. Being racist is dumb and being a self righteous Twitter warrior is dumb. Maybe try to talk out your differences instead of going straight for telling the principle on him. And maybe stop being racist and think before you talk. You should have to pass a test to use Twitter. You should have to be able to prove you can think at least 70% of the time before you talk.

One last thing. TCU needs to get off their high horse. He was paying you to go to your school, not the other way around. It’s a little more understandable when an employer does it. But college administrations trying to be the moral and actual police of everyone isn’t working out. Maybe do something like teach him not to be racist. That’s within your realm of expertise.

Texas Man Tries To Shoot Armadillo. Ends Up Shot In The Head


(Source) In East Texas man was hospitalized after he fired a gun at an armadillo – and the bullet ricocheted back at his head, reported Tyler’s KLTV 7. He was treated for minor injuries.
The incident occurred in the town of Marietta right before 3 a.m. Thursday, and Cass County Sheriff’s officials are investigating the shooting. The man told authorities he felt compelled to shoot at the armadillo after seeing it on the highway.

This is the second case of an armadillo-shooting backfiring this year. In April, a Georgia man fired on an armadillo and the bullet deflected back into his mother-in-law.
After hitting the mammal’s hard shell, the bullet passed through a fence and through the back door of the mother’s mobile home. The shot hit the 74-year-old woman while she sat in a recliner, the man told sheriff’s deputies. She faced non-life-threatening injuries. The armadillo did not survive the blast, but still managed to teach a good lesson on why you shouldn’t shoot the armored animal.

Think you’ve had a bad week? At least your not this guy who was trying to do a little varmint killing and took a bullet to the head. Armadillo’s are tough little bastards. What’s weird is that this is the second time this year a bullet has ricocheted off an armadillo and hit somebody in the head. I swear, between the shark attacks, the bears and now the armadillos, nature is flat out rebelling. Shit’s getting prehistoric around here. Better keep your head on a swivel or you’ll get mauled by a bobcat. The streets aren’t safe. Just the other day a coyote attacked a kid leaving a movie in fort worth.

Nature has had it up to here with our antics.

Cecil The Lion’s Brother Is Defending His Cubs From Another Male Lion


Pictured above: Cecil Putting Jericho In His Place

(Source) The cubs fathered by Cecil the lion are being protected by his brother amid fears they will be killed by a male rival, researchers said today.

The much-loved lion was killed by American dentist Walter Palmer earlier this month, sparking outrage around the world.

After his death, there were fears his cubs would be killed by the next lion in the hierarchy – a male named Jericho – so he could father his own offspring with the females in the pride.

But a team at Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Unit, which had been studying Cecil before he was shot dead, said the lion’s brother had stepped in to safeguard the young.

If you haven’t heard, Cecil the Lion was a famous lion who was being studied by Oxford scientists. Cecil was lured out of a protective area and killed by a big game hunting dentist. Which sucks. What was worse, was that many people speculated that a rival male would kill all of Cecil’s cubs to assert his dominance over the pride because nature is terrifying. However, in a happy twist, Cecil’s brother is having none of that shit. He’s just defying the laws of nature to save his brothers kids. Lions are pretty awesome sometimes. The other lion who wants to kill Cecil’s cubs name is Jericho and probably related to Scar.

Being that it’s Friday, good news is awesome. This story has sucked from the start but at least we know Cecil’s family isn’t going down without a fight. Which sort of begs the question, where are the cubs deadbeat mom? You’ve got kids, you’ve got a responsibility. You get your ass out there and you fight that fucking lion.

Hopefully, at the conclusion of this, Cecil’s cubs will be raised by a wildebeest and a meerkat and go back to unleash vengeance on Jericho and the dentist.

Rua With The Inside The Park Home Run

They say the Jet’s lost a step or two….

WaPo’s 13 Tips For Speaking While Female Is Pretty Reasonable


(Source) I have read all the critiques of women’s vocal mannerisms and tics. No “just.” No “sorry.” No uptalk. No vocal fry. I have come to a few simple conclusions, which I have distilled into the following 13 tips.

The Washington Post has published 13 tips for girls that talk. To be honest, a lot of this is pretty reasonable but I’m going to break them down with some minor critiques.


1) Never speak in run-on sentences. Use only sentences that Hemingway would use. Speak curtly. Speak of fish and fighting, and the deep wisdom no woman can know. Speak of hills and strong liquor. Speak of Scott Fitzgerald and his fatal weakness.

If you want to I guess that’s fine. I like a woman who knows her booze. I also don’t know anything about Scott Fitzgerald or how to recognize a run on sentence so that’s pretty useless

2) Never let the word “just” pass your lips. If you find that you have used the word “just” even once, smite mightily about yourself with a mace, lest anyone live to tell the tale and lose you the respect of your colleagues.

Nobody likes a fake valley girl accent. Avoid this at all costs.

3) Never end sentences with a question mark, even when you are asking a question. This may baffle and alarm everyone around you, but better that than the alternative.

You can ask questions, if you have too. But absolutely do not do that shit where you make a statement that sounds like a question. More fake valley girl.

4) In fact, avoid questions entirely, lest someone hear you speaking with a rising inflection and take away your place in the workforce. When you wish to ask a question, have a man ask it for you, to save face.

This is a much better idea.

5) Never speak with a rising inflection. If you must speak with any inflection at all, speak with a falling inflection.

I’m not going to look up inflection. That’s not even a real word. Best not to use made up words around men.

6) Do not baby talk, not even to babies. Especially not to babies. Avoid speaking to babies in general, as they do not control the workforce and cannot offer you advancement.

If the baby isn’t yours, you shouldn’t even be around it. That’s weird. What are you doing talking to someone else’s baby? It is however, correct that babies have no place in the work-force. If you find yourself talking to a baby in the workforce, what you’re doing is illegal and you should stop immediately.

7) Never apologize. Not even once. Not for yourself, and certainly not for America. Never let “Sorry” leave your lips. If you wish to play the boardgame of that name, point at it and growl.

There’s nothing worse then when your girl is apologizing for everything. Most annoying shit in the world. The only thing you need to apologize for is not being able to put out because you have a broken sternum or something.

8) Never creak. You should sooner croak than creak.

I don’t know what a girl creaking sounds like? Is there a porn for that? Croak, she means like a frog? Nah, sweetheart, only weirdos are into to that.

9) When you form words at all, which should be but rarely, make certain they come out in a low, gravelly growl, like a hungover Joe Cocker who has just gargled shards of glass. Strive to sound like a cigarette would sound if it could talk. Strive to rumble like thunder that has taken a class to counteract its vocal fry. If you sound like the love child of Darth Vader and a female Ent, you have achieved your purpose. Speak so that those who hear you wonder aloud and say, “Surely this speaker is a man. Or a grizzly bear who has swallowed a man whole.”

You speak at your own risk, that much is true. Less is more, as they say. But she’s dead on about that low gravelly voice. A girly gravelly voice. Scarlett Johanson anyone? Demi Moore?
10) Most of the time, make no sound at all. Let your actions speak for you. Speak with your fists, never your hands.

Probably the best course of action. Just smile and look pretty, life is easier that way. But if you have to be one of those women who talks, jazz hands won’t hurt. You should always be non-verbally reminding people you used to be a cheerleader.

11) In general, communicate only by tearing off the arms of those with whom you are displeased. Wave these arms like flags, in a kind of gruff semaphore. To express feelings, roll rocks downhill with rude emoji carved on them.

I get the feeling this isn’t supposed to be a serious list.

12) Remember, be confident. You are woman. Hear you roar. It is the only vocalization you can freely make lest you be hounded off the airwaves and out of the workforce.

If it’s a sexy roar I might be down, I’ll try anything once. But as far as getting a job, it’s frowned upon in polite society to roar at your employers and fellow workers. Maybe try something nicer, like getting me coffee or making a copy.


Use your words, darling. Otherwise no one is going to take you seriously.

P.S. The fact this passes for satire makes me weep for future generations. Try not to be a walking stereotype for me. Prove that feminists can have a sense of humor.

James Woods Is Suing A Twitter Troll Who Said He Does Cocaine


(Source) On Wednesday, the actor went to L.A. Superior Court and sued the anonymous individual who is tweeting as “Abe List” for defamation over derogatory tweet that suggested he was a “cocaine addict” — a message that Woods complains was sent to “thousands of AL’s followers and hundreds of thousands of Mr. Woods’ followers.”

Woods is taking a stand. “AL’s reckless and malicious behavior, through the worldwide reach of the internet, has now jeopardized Woods’ good name and reputation on an international scale,” states the complaint. “AL, and anyone else using social media to propagate lies and do harm, should take note. They are not impervious to the law.”

James Woods, has he ever played a good guy? In anything? I don’t think he has. Now he’s going after Twitter trolls. That’s just what James Woods does. Has this person never seen a James Woods movie? He only plays one character. That might have stuck with him after a while. Now he’s coming after that ass for a Tweet. He’s not going to let you get away with that. He’s been playing an evil bastard for so long he can’t let you get away with it. You’re fucking with the man’s street cred. If people don’t think he’s the bad guy, he’ll never get a role again.

Bottom line, DO NOT imply that James Woods does cocaine.

Here’s What Cole Hamels Cost Us


Thanks to Smitty and for the scouting reports. It makes it a lot easier when you don’t have to hunt this stuff down because you don’t follow the farm system except for 1 or 2 guys.

Alec Asher, P, #29 ranked prospect in Rangers’ system:
Asher can reach 96 mph with his fastball and back it up with a hard slider at his best, but his stuff dipped somewhat in 2014. He worked mostly at 89-93 mph with an average slider. His changeup remained a reliable third pitch and he continued to use a curveball to give hitters a different look.
Jered Eickhoff, P, #17 ranked prospect in Rangers’ system:
Eickhoff’s sturdy frame and heavy sinker got him paid a $150,000 bonus as a 15th-rounder out of Olney Central (Ill.) JC in 2011. He has added velocity and made steady progress, reaching Double-A in his second full pro season and leading the Texas League with 144 strikeouts in 2014. Eickhoff quickly moved up to Triple-A in 2015 and was included in the group of prospects the Phillies acquired from the Rangers in return for Cole Hamels.
Nick Williams, OF, #5 ranked prospect in Rangers’ system:
Jorge Alfaro, C, #6 ranked prospect in Rangers’ system:
Alfaro has the strength and bat speed to drive balls out of any part of any ballpark without selling out for power, yet he’s still overly aggressive at the plate. He swings and misses frequently, and he needs to do a better job of taking pitches and recognizing breaking balls. If he figures it out, he could be an average hitter with 20-plus homers per season in the big leagues.
On pure ability, Williams could have been a first-round pick in the 2012 Draft. But he had an enigmatic high school career, allowing the Rangers to sign him in the second round for a slightly below-slot $500,000. Their system features several high-ceiling position players, and he has been the most consistently productive of the bunch. Williams was turning in perhaps the best season of his career when he was included as part of the package sent to Philadelphia in return for Cole Hamels.

Jake Thompson, P, #4 ranked prospect in Rangers’ system:
Thompson’s stuff picked up after the deal and he rated as Texas’ best starting pitching prospect when he was included as part of the package sent to Philadelphia in the Cole Hamels deal.
Thompson usually throws his fastball at 90-93 mph, peaking at 95 and featuring sinking life. That’s not even his best weapon, however, as that distinction belongs to a slider that can reach 87 mph with depth and qualify as a true wipeout pitch at times. He also uses a curveball and changeup, both of which show flashes of becoming solid-or-better offerings.

So this is where we are at. We took a pitcher on the wrong side of 30, for 3 of of out our top 6 guys, and 3 more in the top 30. I just can’t stand these types of moves. Does this make us a contender next year? It’s possible. We took some cash with Hamels so his contract doesn’t hurt as much, freeing us up to go after a bat. Probably a power hitter from the right. We saved Joey Gallo.

What worries me, is that if those guys develop, they’ve got potential to be great. It worries me because we are now essentially playing the Yankee Red Sox type of ball. Don’t develop anyone. Just bring in aging guys for a few years and rinse and repeat. Has it worked for them? Arguably, yes. I just have the nagging feeling in the back of my head that this isn’t how the Rangers have gotten to the top. We always developed guys and then maybe snagged a big name after that team was already vying for a top spot. Teach them to play Rangers baseball and then bring in a Cliff Lee to solidify our dominance. But this is a new team with a new manager and a different philosophy.

If our pitching gets healthy we might have one of the top staffs in the league next year. With Darvish and Hamels as 1 and 2 followed by Holland and the rest we could be dominant. For a year or two. Then we are more than likely right back here. I like to play the long game but that’s not the team’s new plan. But hey, maybe that’s why I blog about them and they actually do it for a living. In Bannister we trust?

Darren McFadden And Rolando McClain Start Camp On PUP List.


(Source) Linebacker Rolando McClain and third round pick Chaz Green have been placed on the physically unable to perform list to start this camp.

The search for DeMarco Murray’s replacement will go on without Darren McFadden practicing at the start of training camp. On Thursday, he was placed on the active/physically unable to perform list with a hamstring injury.

OF course Run DMC starts on the PUP list. It wouldn’t be normal for him not too. I’m not saying this was a bad pick-up yet. He’s coming off a hamstring and you can’t rush that, no matter how badly you need the reps. If he can get healthy and stay that way, he could do wonder behind our line. Provided he can ever get some reps and get a good feeling for running behind our line, which may prove impossible until the middle of the season. Anybody heard what Ray Rice has been up to? Everybody is going to hate us for Hardy anyway, let’s do this.

Rolando McClain isn’t that big of a deal, he’s serving a four game suspension anyway. We need those reps for Brinkley and the rookie. Being able to make the calls and get a feel for the defense is arguably much harder to do than getting a feel for an O-Line. Nobody thought DMC was going to be the lead back anyway. Brinkley is going to start 4 games and possibly more if McClains knee doesn’t heal correctly. Not saying that it won’t, everything I’ve seen says he’s right on track and he’ll be ready for week 5.

Overall, it’s day 1 and I’m not going to freak out about the running game yet. Expect them to get lots of work in the preseason with the starting OL.

Bullying Nerds Is Good For Your Health


(Source) Bullying behaviors are linked to higher self-esteem, social status, and a lower rate of depression, according to a new provocative study.
Researchers at Simon Fraser University observed a group of high school students finding that bullies had the highest self esteem, greatest social status, and were less likely to be depressed, as reported by National Post.
“Humans tend to try to establish a rank hierarchy,” Jennifer Wong, a criminology professor who led the study, told the Post. “When you’re in high school, it’s a very limited arena in which you can establish your rank, and climbing the social ladder to be on top is one of the main ways … Bullying is a tool you can use to get there.”

Science coming in hot with another no brainer. Of course being a bully makes you feel good. You wouldn’t bully or put other kids down if it didn’t make you feel good. You’ve got two options in highschool, either you get in the locker or you put people in the locker. That’s a pretty easy decision if you ask me.

So science is telling me that your going to have higher social status if you put others down to make yourself feel good? Shocking. People like you if your big and strong and good looking. And they like you more if you show of those skills. Nobody wants to hang out with that kid in the locker. If you do, you might get some of his nerd on you and pretty soon the lacrosse team shoves a parking cone up your ass. It’s survival of the fittest out there. You don’t pick the wounded ghazelle as your ally. You want to be hanging out with the lion who’s about to take his lunch money.


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